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Carpet Cleaning in El Paso

The Most Thorough Cleaning ever!! OR ITS FREE!!

Fed up with your dirty carpets? Do your Carpets need attention? Don’t waste the weekend scrubbing those stains out with a store bought carpet cleaner. Let us show you what our cleaning system can do…It’s Simply incredible!!
Most people only notice the condition of their carpet and upholstery when they become visibly soiled. But by the time it’s finally noticeable, layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits will have built-up into a mess you can’t clean on your own.
It used to be that carpet and upholstery had to be replaced once they reached this state — but now you have a better option. With our cleaning system we can restore soiled carpet and upholstery to look like new!
Even if your carpets still look clean, they almost certainly contain unseen filth that can affect color, odor and sanitation. So for complete restoration or routine maintenance, let us demonstrate the amazing results of our revolutionary system.

Please call NOW, and set an appointment. YOU WILL BE AMAZED BEFORE WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH!!!

Top 7 reasons why people clean

  1. Special events and guests are coming.
  2. Visible soil, just looks dirty.
  3. Maintenance, wanting to maintain the appearance and life of the flooring.
  4. Health, some people just want to feel and know their home or business is clean and healthy.
  5. Problem solving – Occasionally something happens, spills, spots and stains….
  6. Odor problems, usually pets (and we are definitely are not getting rid of our lovely pets). But the spots and odors must go.
  7. Moving in or Moving out of a property.

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Your Carpet Is Crying out!

For You to Call Me Immediately!!

Stomped on, stepped on and dirty!!!

The value of a healthy home is priceless. Our thorough cleaning will
remove pollens, pollutants, dust mites, dirt, fungus and more.

Our service is unique, will you receive royal treatment, package deals,

The Most Thorough Cleaning possible and More.

State of the art equipment and smart work, simply

You will be amazed before we are halfway through!


Certified by the


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Nobody wants to pay too much, but
it is unwise to pay to little.

Why call Mighty Clean?

  1. Consistent quality!

  2. High ratings and reviews on Google, Yahoo, Angies List and more

  3. Accredited business with the BBB A+ rating and member of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce.

  4. Earned trust from many people and businesses for being professional.

  5. Extremely honest and upfront with our service and capabilities.

  6. Mission driven, our mission is: * DO IT RIGHT THE 1ST TIME *GIVE YOU PHENOMENAL SERVICE.

  7. Values oriented – WE do the right thing ethically and morally, even when no one is looking.

  8. We believe we are a better alternative by understanding our awesome offer of QUALITY, SERVICE AND PRICE.

  9. Loyalty earned by service that is high in quality, convenient and personalized.

  10. Fast service.

  11. Experienced: over 13 years and thousands of satisfied clients!

  12. Choices, we will package our service to you. Specific to your needs

  13. Individual interaction, before job: confirmation call or text, and after job: service call for quality control

  14. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. OR ITS FREE!!!

  15. We still try to improve even after 13 years in business. Technology touches our industry too and it changes with the world, better treatments, tools and equipment. Our company has changes from time to time in policy and procedures to better serve our clients and our employees. Well treated and well trained employees tend to be better for you, our valued clients and friends.

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Mighty Clean